Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Herb Box

Another amazing sunny & warm Autumn day yesterday - barefoot & tank top type of weather! Great time to clean up a few things in the garden & I got dirty to the elbows. ahhhh....

I ripped out everything from a few deck boxes (they were over-crowded with daisies - hint: don't plant daisies in a container that is only 8 inches deep) & I moved one of the boxes down to the landing on the stairs & filled it full of herbs. It's now nice I close to the door & I should be able to take a few snips here & here through out the winter for cooking with.

All of these plants I started from seed: rosemary, sage, lemon lavender & orange thyme. There are a few small winter savories mixed in that I hope will last the winter - I've never grown it before. Mixed in between the plants are a lot of bulbs I found in the boxes when cleaning them out - more than likely yellow crocus, so I will have a nice show of colour come February.

Can't wait!

ps - we had our first touch of frost last night - time to get the rest of the sensitive plants indoors or into the greenhouse!

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