Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mystery Volunteer

While most of my gardens are done for the season, I still have some amazing things happening. I wanted to grow Hubbard squash this year - we ate a lot of them over the winter & I quite enjoy the buttery flavour & texture of this vegetable. Unfortunately, all the plants I put in died - either dug up by birds or eaten from below by bugs.

But I noticed about a month later that there were random squash plants popping up all on their own through out most of my veggie beds. I would have thought that the seeds would have not been able to survive the composter & when I put out the compost in the spring, I didn't really notice an abundance of squash seeds present. Well, since I was taking on a new attitude this year (stepping back & doing as little as possible to see what happens), I let all the volunteers 'do their thing'.

This is what the result is. An unknown squash. I think it might be a 'mutant' squash - one that cross pollinated with the other flowering squash in neighbouring beds. I was going to harvest & eat it for Thanksgiving, but found I already had 2 orange Hubbard in the house that needed to be eaten, so it is still in the garden.

It's funny that it looks like a watermelon, but we don't eat watermelon, so I'm pretty sure that's not going to be one of the possibilities. I check on it almost every day - will actually do so in a few moments when I head outside.

The other squash I have still out there looks like an acorn squash - this one was already pecked by a bird, so it might not last too much longer. I had noticed that a lot of my little squash'lings would get mouldy very quickly, so I harvested them at a very small size - slightly larger than a golf ball & just boiled them up whole to eat along-side the rest of the meal. Quite tasty done that way too - even if I never really knew what I was eating.

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