Friday, September 30, 2011

Jelly Making Time!!

I seem to be running out of time & energy these days to take proper care of my gardens, but when I received a phone call from a neighbour yesterday about her pear tree, I traded off cleaning the house to go & harvest some pears.

And what a pear tree!! I will have to take a photo of it when I head back in a few days for more pears. It's an ancient tree - much taller than it should be & it's loaded with pears this year! I'm very surprised that with the hurricane force winds we had last weekend there are still so many on the tree.

They aren't quite ripe, but when that time comes, we will have only a few short days to gather what we can before the crows & bears come to feast.

I gathered 2 bags from the ground & will be juicing them up over the next couple of days to start some spiced pear jelly.

These little nuggets are much too small to bother with peeling & much too hard to bother coring. I just chopped them roughly & popped them into the pot along with my 'secret' blend of spices. I have the feeling I'll be cooking them at a higher setting for slightly longer than I usually do - mostly due to time constraints (I have to rush off to work soon), but I really wanted to get one pot juiced today. It can then be strained through my jelly bag all afternoon & I can get another pot on the go tonight.

I'm very excited about making spiced pear jelly this year - it's been a few years & is one of the best blends I've ever imagined & created! Can be used in such a wide variety of ways - not just your typical toast & jelly for breakfast way either. Imagine sauces for pork dishes or glazes for baking & desserts... mmmm...

I know my niece will be joyful to receive a jar this's one of her favourites & for a child of not-yet 7, she has a great sense of taste!!

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