Thursday, September 8, 2011


~ September 3 - fingerling potato harvest ~

~ September 3 - lemon cucumbers ~
It's been a while since I've posted & shared photos, mainly because the last few weeks have been super-busy for me with work & struggling to find the energy to actually get out into the gardens. The weather has finally turned around & brought heat & sunshine. The gardens are limping through their fall colours & I'm seeing where I've become very negligent. But I have had some success with harvesting a few things.

The cucumbers are quite tastey - won't last too long in the fridge, which is ok. These are more of a special treat. The potatoes could have remained in the ground for a while longer, but the bed that I grew them in needs some serious work (turning of the soil & mulch & sowing of a winter crop of fava beans or peas).

Right now I'm harvesting wild berries & should find more time to get some photos posted. I'm just going to enjoy the heat & sunshine while I can & learn to relax a bit while outside.

Hope you are enjoying Autumn too!

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Eating what grows from the soil you walk on forms connections tragically alien to most. Fingerlings and lemons are two critical ingredients in a favorite vegan low country boil recipe.

Our cherry tomatoes are going strong thanks to much needed rain from tropical storms and hurricanes. Enjoy the shift.