Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stopping for a Moment - Part 2

~ castor bean in bloom ~

~ hydrangea ~

~ gladiola ~

~ either 'Morden Sunset' or 'Playboy' rose ~

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stopping for a Moment

- hydrangea -

- 3-in-1 spirea -

- neon lights spirea -

- daisies & calendula -

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Deck Tomato Demise

This is that time of year where I find some serious digging around the garden is necessary. Those plants that aren't doing so well & are looking more dead than not...well, are they really going to turn around & 'get better'? I doubt it, so I do the difficult deed of yanking them out. I'd rather compost them & have an empty spot in the gardens instead of looking at unhealthy or unhappy or plain dead looking plants.

Today I 'did the deed' with my deck tomatoes.

Ya...These are definitely not happy looking plants.

I can think of a few reasons for this:
1) Pots are not big enough for the plants,
2) I wasn't vigilant enough with watering,
3) I wasn't vigilant enough with feeding,
4) This just wasn't the summer for having tomatoes grown outside on the deck (too cool, cloudy & damp).

I also learned a few things about the difference between determinate & indeterminate (bush vs vine) tomatoes. I think I'll stick with bush tomatoes from now on as the vine variety just wanted to grow taller & taller & didn't want to set fruit.

Also, I think the deck is a little too breezy for most of the things I want to grow up here - I love the amount of space, but being on the 2nd storey & having pretty much a constant wind blowing things around probably stressed them out & dried them out that much faster. Putting something under them to hold the water that didn't want to soak up into the soil would have been a good idea too...

Right now I'm keeping only 3 of the 5 plants - as they are the ones with fruit & I'll have to find somewhere to hang them today to see if the fruit will ripen.

About half the tomatoes fell off when I cut the plants down - they are rotting from the stem.


I'll have to see what happens with the monsters in the greenhouse this month. They are in much better shape, but have outgrown the greenhouse & are in need of some serious pruning, which might help ripen whatever fruit they've decided to grow...which isn't much.

At least the deck doesn't look so depressing now!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Learning to Relax

I'm getting lessons from my ever-present hummingbirds. Take time to sit in the garden & relax!