Saturday, July 30, 2011

Early Harvest

Spent some quality time in my raised beds today - getting dirty to the elbows, pulling the occasional weed (yes, relatively weed-free this year!) & hauling out monster size sorrel plants that need to find new homes. A raised bed is no place for a deep-rooted over-productive leafy green plant.

I also just noticed that I had a slight case of potato blight - still need to do some research on this, but what I ended up doing was pulling out all my red gems & most of my Yukon golds.

I'm quite pleased with today's results - I didn't have any success last year in my potato-in-a-bucket-experiment (not enough drain holes & not large enough, so things rotted). I planted only 2 Yukon golds (there are some still in the ground) & 2 red gems.

Am looking forward to some tasty potato dishes in the coming week or 2!

I am already planning on dedicating one whole bed to just potatoes. Am just wondering if I should keep to one variety or go with more? The red gems were the plants with the blight this year.

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