Friday, June 24, 2011

Things are Popping up!

Technically it is summer, but last night I had to put the fireplace on it was so chilly. Most plants don't seem to mind though.

My front deck flower bed is looking stately. I hope to be able to clamber in there to save some foxglove seeds as those do really well out here & are ignored by the deer.

Hidden in that flower bed are some stunning red lilies. I hope over the years they will grow taller so that we can see them without having to move some of the other plant material out of the way!

I've also got a lot of cute primroses tucked in & around things. I really do like these red one & hope to spread them around to fill in other holes that pop up. Hope they survive the winter rains as they are perched precariously on the top of the bed.

The orange lilies are also starting to open. This is the first year they are blooming as I received them as a gift last fall. Not scented, but pretty stunning.

I do love lupins too. I'm more fond of these pink ones than of the purple, so hopefully I can save some seeds & start more around the yard.

Woe to the garden foe - he just doesn't get that he's not welcome & thankfully he didn't notice most of the flowers I just shared with you. I'm actually not sure what he's munching on in the gardens these days...

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Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Beautiful flowers! I especially like lupins too and have a pink one!

I like foxgloves, as well. Your's are great!