Monday, June 6, 2011

Laws of Gardening

On those rare days when I'm not outside, or I really need to do research & get distracted, I read a lot of other people's blogs about gardening. I'm enjoying reading Gardening Jones & all the responses from others who read it.

One particular post caught my eye & I've asked if I can share it with you. The proper link back to Gardening Jones & the article I'm sharing is: Jones' Laws of Gardening

1.    If something can grow wrong, it will.

2.    A passing shower, desperately needed, will do just that.

3.    When in doubt, if you water your garden it will rain.
a.    Conversely, if you don’t, it won’t.

4.  If your seeds don’t come up when they should, plant more.
a.    The first seeds will then come up immediately, followed closely by the second batch.
b.    This is especially true when it comes to zucchini.

5.    If you do not label your seedling trays, one of 3 things will happen:
a.    Your trays will get moved without your presence.
b.    Your trays will get moved by you, but someone else will be blamed.
c.     You will claim that your trays have been moved, because otherwise you surely would have remembered what every tray contained.

6.    If you carefully label your trays, one of 3 things will happen:
a.    You will forget what your shorthand means.
b.    You will meticulously transplant your seedlings, and forget to label the new pots.
c.     You will successfully get your transplants into the ground, but forget what you planted where.

7.    A thoughtfully planned-out garden is just asking for trouble.

8.    Never underestimate the combined weight of any vining squash.

9.    Weeds are very good at growing next to a vegetable plant they resemble.
a.    Rest assured that when you pull it out, it will have some potting soil attached to the roots.

10. Never direct seed before a heavy rain. Nature can move rows.

11. A watched green tomato will never ripen. Something else will get to it first.

 I've got a few of my own that I thought I would add:

12. Just when you think you've become an 'expert' in growing something, someone comes along who breaks all the rules & has better success than you.

13. Whatever you love to grow for food, something else finds just as tastey & will not be foiled by the grandest deterrent schemes (bears, deer, birds, bugs).


14. Mother Nature's sense of humour is savage - plus She usually gets her way in garden designing.


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