Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is it Really Summer?

Today is yet another cool, rainy & gray day. It really doesn't feel like the end of June & the veggie gardens are reflecting their shared disgust in the weather - they aren't doing very much of anything!

But at least some things are in bloom:

The photos shared today were taken a few days ago during a brief hit of sunshine.

I have borage volunteers in one of my deck pots & they are loving life! I keep tossing seeds around the yard in the hopes that some of them will decide to make the yard their home, but for some reason, it's always in pots that I find them taking hold.

At least it's close by the house so I can remember to run out & pinch some blooms or young leaves to add to my salads.

The orange lilies are popping open - all over the place. Am loving the vibrant hit of colour in this season of green-green grass & pink & purple flowers. I'm hoping that over the years, the lilies will grow taller than their meager 8 inches so they jump out a bit more to passers-by.

Before I head off to work, I try to do a quick & quiet walk-about the yard & gardens to see any changes or to perhaps catch a bit of light (sunshine?) before I disappear for the rest of the day indoors.

I'm in love with these mullein. Not your typical 6 foot high, fuzzy leaf, yellow flowering plant. A hybrid no doubt. But they add a nice 'Victorian' touch to the landscape.

One positive note about the veggie gardens is the emergence of some bush bean blooms. FINALLY!! I actually started these indoors & transplanted to the gardens a long while ago. They didn't like it, so I've stuck in more seeds here & there (which aren't doing so hot either). These plants were/are being crowded & shadowed by my potatoes (which just meant I was going to be eating some new potatoes sooner than planned).

But, as slow as they are to recover, the beans seem to want to produce. I love the colours - have almost forgotten what bean blossoms looked like I've had such poor luck with beans over the last few years.

Can't wait to taste them - even if it's only a handful this year.

But we could do with some warmer weather. I think it's only about 12 degrees out right now & some nights we still put on the wood stove. Brrrr!!

(ps - I just heard that a few of the ski hills out this way are opening up for Canada Day tomorrow as they are still covered in snow! First time ever! Can't you imagine going out on July 1st for some downhill skiing?!!)

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Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

My ornaange lilies are just in bud now, soon they'll be open! The smell is wonderful!