Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In Praise of Duct-tape

This is 'Frankenmower'. Each year - well, each time it's used almost - it needs a bit of tinkering & readjustment. Yesterday, I had to re-jigger the patch job the hubby did with the left side of the handle.

Sooo I'm an agressive mower - I do a lot of landscaping with my mower. I'm actually surprised the wheels are still attached with all the roots & rocks I get tangled in! But the handle just wouldn't stay attached yesterday - even with the section of re-bar & the hose clamps & the zap straps & the electrical tape....

I grabbed the roll of duct-tape, which must be about a million years old because it's really stretchy & sticky & ripped kinda easy. I actually had to stop twice during my exercise to re-attach the handle. The 2nd time, I tightened the hose clamp, which had shaken loose, & then enclosed it within the duct tape! Let's see it shake loose next time! Ha!

Next on the list for poor 'Frank' is to sharpen the blades. Running over rocks, shaving down lumps in the lawn & plowing through brambles takes its toll on the blades & I can see the grass doesn't appreciate their dullness.

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