Thursday, June 23, 2011

Deck Tomato!

Yesterday I finally saw some progress on one of my deck tomatoes.

 This variety is an early bush called 'Taxi' is has yellow cherry-type fruit. Can't wait to see more develop as I should have been eating them by now, but the cool spring has delayed a lot of plants this year.

I have 5 (one more off to the left of the photo) tomatoes on my deck. 3 are early bush varieties & 2 are vines that will produce later in the season.

It's a daily morning & afternoon ritual to remove the plastic bags & then put them back on. Well, I got lazy 2 days ago & left the bags off for the night & again last night. I notice it rained during the last 12 hours so I hope this doesn't upset the plants too much as I know they don't like having their leaves wet. I knew I should have moved them around the side of the house under the eaves!!

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