Sunday, May 22, 2011

Green Things in the Greenhouse - Part 3

I just love heading to the greenhouse first thing in the morning for a quick check of what's going on. The spring season is still cool, but the plants don't seem to know that & they continue on their merry way to quickly out-growing their pots.

Yesterday I was fortunate to have a bit of time to take care of a few things.

I'm going to try lemon cucumbers this year in pots on the deck. I know I should be a little more savage with my seedlings & only take the strongest, but when all of them are strong, I can't cut them out!

So I've got 2 large pots with 4 plants in each, plus some nasturtium seedlings for colour. I'm going to have to figure out a system to allow the plants to grow up - tomato cages probably won't work with how I've got them planted.

But we are becoming creative this year...

The Siam basil is coming along nicely. I've taken a few cuttings for salads over the last couple of weeks & they've started to bunch nicely. Last year they grew tall & spindley, so it looks like I'll get more of a harvest this year.

The peppers are coming along nicely too! I'm not sure when they are supposed to flower & my original idea of making a greenhouse-within-a-greenhouse may not be necessary as I've put the pots on the top shelves & they get a lot more sun & heat than I thought.

With all the seeds & seedlings I had going on, I almost forgot I had decided to try tomatillos this year. This time, I did manage to select only the strongest plants & I actually had to almost fold the plants in half in order to plant them deep enough in the pots. I really do need to do more research into these plants & I hope I have enough room in the greenhouse for them if they decide to grow into monsters.

One of my tomato plants in the greenhouse bed have flowers! Of course, I neglected to double check to see what variety this plant is, but it's a positive sign that it wants to flower already. I might be eating tomatoes by mid June!!

These are more tomatoes that I'm going to keep up on my deck. They've been in pots for a week or more & enjoying some time outside during the day. Yesterday I brought them up to the deck & slipped on the plastic bags (large fish bags) & they spent their first night outside. So far, so good!!

Am starting to feel good about where I'm at with my gardens even though I've held off til now to put seeds in the beds & the weather is cool & cloudy.

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