Sunday, May 22, 2011

Green Monsters in my Garden

- This post should have gone up May 9th or 10th but computer programs can sometimes be screwy... -

I have been watching my floating row covers on my veggie beds slowly grow bigger & bigger over the last few weeks. It's the French sorrel - fully recovered from being munched on a few months ago by the deer.

That means it's time for my first harvest of sorrel!

A little outrageous, I think. Way too many plants for just one household. I recall planting just a few seeds a few years ago & then found that the bed they were growing in was too shallow - these plants have monster tap roots! So I dug them all up & actually spread them out through-out all my beds, hoping that others in town would want to have some too.

Most people don't know what to do with sorrel as it's got a rather interesting flavour - not something you'd want to sit down on a nice sunny day to munch on while taking a break from garden chores. It's very lemony & will make your mouth pucker. The funny thing is there are a few little kids in town who LOVE the stuff - straight up. It's good for the soul to see kids who will eat something straight out of the garden.

I make sorrel pesto. I cut all this stuff down - ended up with two 5 gallon buckets of leaves!! I blend it all up with garlic, salt & pepper, olive oil & yes - a bit more lemon juice. Then it goes into the smallest jars I can find - baby food jars work best, but I had to use some small jam jars this year. I keep it in the freezer til I remember to use it but it can live in the fridge for a week or 2, not that you'll have much left after finding all the amazing ways to use it.

I mix it up with a bit of mayo or cream cheese (mostly to thicken it) & it's great with veggie sticks or on fresh salmon or on top of burgers or as a base for pasta sauce or anything you can think of. I keep finding new ways to add it to the meal & in the spring, this stuff will wake you up & make you want to eat more fresh greens.

With all this rain we are getting, I'm sure the plants will recover & start growing again in no time. Hopefully I'll find some local gardeners who want to try this in their yards, so I can free up some space in mine!!

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