Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Eager Seeds

Just one week ago - April 28th - I couldn't help but plant some more seeds. I planted bush beans, butternut squash, lemon cucumber and zucchini. Looking at my planting calendar, I'm basically on time for starting these indoors - well, except for the beans; those could have waited a couple more weeks. But I'm so eager to get my gardens going & it's been a rather dismal, wet & cold spring, that I have the feeling when summer weather arrives, it will do so with great speed & catch many of us unprepared.

But I was not expecting the seeds to be so eager to grow as well!! I may have problems in a week or 2 when the seedlings have outgrown their currant pots - especially since I've run out of larger pots to hold larger seedlings til the gardens are ready for proper planting.

My beans started pushing up within only a couple of days.

In the span of only 2 or 3 days they are now 4 or 5 inches tall! I'm excited to have beans again this year. It's been a few years since I've had success with them - it was probably a soil issue last year (nutrients more than likely) or even bugs in the soil, but I'm hoping the floating row covers that have been on the raised beds were in place in time to stop grubs.

The lemon cucumbers are going to be grown in my deck and I do have very large pots to hold these, but now I need to purchase some more soil. I've tasted the lemon cucumbers a few years ago, so I know they will grow out here & I know the size at which to pick them (small, small, small).

Again, more research is needed for me to understand how best to care for these cucumbers.

These butternut squash are going to be fun to watch. Will they sprawl? Will they crawl? Will they grow up if I build supports?

The yellow zucchini have popped up just over night as well. I enjoy growing these - they are a bit touchy to powdery mildew, but I'm trying a bacterial spray this year that should encourage good bacterial growth in the soil around the plants.

I've now got to go over my plans for the beds to see if I've planned them out correctly to house all my seeds & seedlings. This is going to be an interesting year as much more prep work has been done. I've got a composter that will now cook for a couple of months & it should be ready for adding to the gardens at the beginning of July just when the plants will need another boost & some mulching for the summer.

Today I might seed my flowers out in the garden beds & talk to the seedlings in the greenhouse. Things are eager to get growing & all we need is some warmer weather!

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