Saturday, April 30, 2011

Greenhouse Renovation!

Easter Weekend the greenhouse got a bit of a make-over. Of course, I was working the entire weekend, so wasn't able to help hubby out, but once I explained where I'd love to have some work done, he got creative & inventive!

I really want to grow peppers this year & since I tend to keep the greenhouse on the cool side during July & August, I have this crazy idea of a greenhouse-within-a-greenhouse. These shelves will hold the peppers (just newly transplanted into their summer pots) & when I manage to get a day off, I will install plastice around it to increase the heat (& humidity).

One of my concerns with greenhouses is the potential for lack of pollination. I usually open the door when the plants are in bloom & I stabbed a few nasturtium seeds in with the peppers in the hopes of luring the pollinators in greater abundance.

I hope this works as I've never grown peppers before!

On the complete opposite corner, hubby built some more shelves & these will hold mainly basil. I've found that the basil loves the greenhouse, but prefers a shade cloth during the hot months. I'm going to play around with them a bit this year as they actually do not really attain great size (which is why I need to grow so much). I've got a few flats of flowers that I'm holding onto til the weather settles a bit more.

During my photo adventure this day, we were continually bombarded by hail & it was quite thunderous on the greenhouse roof while I was inside.

Opposite the pepper shelves are some more - not really designated for anything other than 'over flow' plants. We shall see how full these remain through the summer as I'm now moving seedlings from the house out to the greenhouse & starting more seeds indoors.

So, after I finished reorganizing the greenhouse (found out I ran out of 1 gallon pots already!!), I decided to plant 2 of my tomatoes. For some reason, I thought that the tomatoes in pots in the greenhouse would grow quicker than the ones in the house. Boy, was I wrong!! The ones in the house were almost twice as tall as the ones in the greenhouse. Now I have to wait for the radish & salad greens to be eaten before I can plant 2 more tomatoes in the greenhouse bed.

I've also got some peas that I'm starting to train up some twine. There are only 4 lines & I hope this works.

Yellow pear & Moneymaker tomatoes planted - I 'sacrificed' some freezer burnt salmon in the bottom of the holes. I did that with my rose rescue & it's popped out some leaves, so hopefully the fish will help the tomatoes too. So far - no smell!! I hope it stays that way or else I might have raccoons come investigate.

And this year, I will remember to stake the cages so that the tomato plants won't tip over later in the summer.


Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Sounds like you have it all under control! Nice greenhouse!

Michelle's Green Thumb said...

It's my escape at the end of a busy day - too bad there isn't room for a proper seat! :)