Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Things in the Greenhouse - Part 2

Last week I did 'the deed' & transplanted my poor tomatoes into larger quarters. It's still too cold for me to actually plant them in the ground & according to my planting calendar from last year, I was planting the 'maters in the ground right about now. I think I will try some more patience, which is so hard when the sun is shining!

I have 14 tomato plants this year. A few too many, but who knows what will happen in the next month while waiting on the weather. I put half back up in the house & these in the greenhouse will become adjusted more quickly - at least that's the idea.

I'm using the raised bed in the greenhouse for salad greens right now. Half this group was planted on Halloween & is finally large enough to eat. The other half were started indoors the beginning of February & planted out the beginning of March. I'm munching on these too & they are a spicy Oriental blend. Should plant more!

This group of lettuce was direct seeded the beginning of March & looks like I should thin it out a bit. I'll have to see about putting some of them out into the other raised beds before I get the veggies put in.

The radish were planted a week after the lettuce above & are coming along fine. I should also thin them out & add the little seedlings to a nice spring salad. I'm craving fresh greens!!

Well, the sun is peaking from beneath the clouds & I should head out to check in on things. We've been getting frost in the mornings again - which is strange when you sit down & really think about it. We've not had frost for many weeks - the rain tends to keep things warm (as does the cloud cover), but with the return of the sunshine, the air temperature drops during the night & early morning hours & we get hit with frost. I'm glad I have some floating row covers on my raised beds - not that I've planted much in them yet...

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