Friday, March 11, 2011

Starting Slowing Indoors

Along the west coast, it's hard to believe it's still technically winter. I'm really trying very hard not to over-do the early seeding this year, but one plant I rather enjoy having inside right now are the tomatoes.

I've got 6 Yellow Pear tomatoes, 4 red Moneymaker tomatoes & 4 early yellow Taxi tomatoes. Sounds like a lot, but I'm going to have the Taxi's in pots on my deck - they should be done fruiting by early-mid summer, which will allow room for a couple others. I'm going with the smaller variety of tomatoes - cherry types. Maybe then I won't have bucketfulls of green tomatoes at the end of October again...

I'm trying peppers for the first time and know that they will be quite a bit more tricky than the tomatoes. I've got an idea of a greenhouse-within-a-greenhouse to make sure that the peppers get the heat that they require (& that my greenhouse can't provide). I thought I had messed up the seeding - I used the wrong mix of soil when filling the pots. But, after another week of waiting patiently, they are starting to sprout!

And yesterday my seed potatoes arrived in the mail. I'm going to do it 'proper' this year (instead of putting store-bought spuds in buckets with inadequate drainage). I'm going to try Russian banana fingerling potatoes. I've seen lots of stories about the blue potatoes, but think I should start 'small' with my first attempt. I just remember when I first moved out here & inherited the raised beds in the rental house yard that there were potatoes all over the place & it took many years to rid the garden of them (so I could grow other veggies undisturbed). But maybe that's part of the fun of growing potatoes... I think I might wait til the end of the month before planting these, but at least I know NOT to add lime to that particular raised bed as taters like rather poor soil (or soil that is slightly acidic or soil that needs to be crop rotated).

Today is a very strange day - I didn't sleep very well & it might have had something to do with the earthquake that happened outside Japan yesterday. All along the west coast of Vancouver Island we were (still are at this early hour still) under a tsunami advisory; low level waves (60 cm) with strong currents. I didn't notice or hear of anything here in Bamfield (it was scheduled to occur at 7 a.m.) but there certainly was a vibe in the air. My thoughts are with those overseas who are affected rather than on my soggy gardens...

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