Friday, March 4, 2011

Slightly Delayed This Year

I ventured out for a walk yesterday afternoon while the sun shone for a few brief moments. It was a good day to bump into other 'spring anxious' people & talk a bit about green things. Here's a few photos of things I discovered:
witch hazel - still in bloom!
One of the earliest rhododendrons to bloom here - a few weeks behind schedule.
Another early bloomer that is behind - a plum tree (maybe with the delay in bloom time this year it will produce fruit!)
Willow blossoms - still not open all the way.
But the snow drops are still going strong.
The ground temperature in my raised beds is still very cold - about 1 or 2 degrees Celcius. I will have to wait another week or 2 before tempting the Fates with my radish, pea & early lettuce seeds. I take solice in my greenhouse where the temps are slightly warmer (haven't actually checked to see what they are yet).
My fava bean & pea cover crop have reached the end of their days. I'm pleased to see that they grew so well (planted in very early November when I closed down the tomatoes) with all the snow & cold weather we've had this winter. I hope that the nitrogen nodules on the roots left in the soil will be of benefit to the tomatoes that will be planted in a few months.

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