Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yet Another Landscaping Project

The sun was shining bright yesterday & I just had to take advantage of this opportunity to get dirty. My large landscaping project for this year (along with trying to finish off last year's...) is to work on claiming the east side of the house.
The brambles - mostly salmonberry, thankfully - fewer thorns than blackberry - are growing closer to the house (on the left out of the picture). The ground was never really fully cleaned after the building phase of the house, so it's not level, there are still nails & screws & bits of wood being unearthed & ~sigh~ we dumped a bunch of drywall bits out here one winter, foolishly believing that the rain would make it magically 'disappear'.

We've attempted to keep the alder & scotch broom under control, but we just end up making another pile to the mess. This building level was already in place when we bought the property - so it's very compact & I have no idea what's in it for topsoil. The goldenrod thrives here, as well as pearly everlasting (a nice fall perennial). But this is a disaster by our own hands...

I spent a few hours in the sunshine with my new pruners & a rake to clean it up & see what I've got to work with.
It looks much better, but I've got to remove the pile of crumbly drywall & find a chainsaw to remove the hemlock trees - there are 3 very wimpy ones on the left of the cedar tree. I think I'll try to get some deer fern & sword fern growing along the edges & I just might be able to have some sort of 'shade' garden. We'll have to see what happens when the hemlocks come down.

It's a cold & frosty morning today but I think I'll head back out in a few hours with the rake & start moving rocks - the grass will quickly take over & require the lawnmower instead of the weed wacker this year. Feels good to claim a small piece of the wild back.

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