Monday, February 21, 2011

Lucky Ladybug

It's that time of year when my house starts hatching ladybugs. Not quite sure where they come from or what they eat & I've not yet seen the larvae, but they start popping out of the wood work when the spring sun hits the house & warms it up. I consider it 'good luck' that this one was on one of my tomato packets. I just planted them yesterday & hope for a good harvest...but it's a little early to be thinking like that. First, I have to get them to germinate & since we've purchased a new fridge, the top of it is no longer warm enough for germination... Need to rethink this one!

On another note - slightly sad - is that there is a yearling bear cub wandering around our side of the peninsula. That black blob in the photo is a relatively healthy looking bear up way too early in the season & without its mother. Its a very hungry bear - has been wandering around onto people's decks & porches & I just heard it somehow made it into some one's house, possibly through the cat door!! The poor thing is small - about the size of a medium dog. We all wish the Conservation Officer would relocate the thing before something awful happens... I won't mention what that could be...

Addendum: the Conservation Officer was called into town the following day & they did manage to remove the poor thing - via tranquilizer & a rubbermaid tote. Assessment will be done as to bear health & chances of possible relocation & rehabilitation. 

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