Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Green Thngs in the Greenhouse - Continuation

My plastic greenhouse has withstood another winter season & it's almost time for me to clean it up in preparation for another year of tomatoes. Right now, I've got fava beans & peas growing in the raised bed & they actually survived the freeze we had in December. I thought they wouldn't recover (they were all frozen & fell over) but they've popped back up & have grown some in the last few weeks.

The peas are kinda lanky & sprawling down along the soil, but the beans are nice & fat & healthy. I don't have a thermometre in the greenhouse but I can feel that it's warmer than the outside air. I love going inside for a peek at my pots of overwintering rosemary or random plants. It smells like dirt & green things... a definite pick-me-up when it's been raining for weeks on end.

I'm not sure if they will flower or not but their days are numbered. I will cut them up & turn them under by the end of the month so that they can decompose & get the bed ready for the tomatoes that will go in towards the end of April. (I'll have to double check my calendar on that date, but I plan on starting my tomatoes in the house in a couple of weeks - the full moon is on the 18th...).

Well, I should get out there & check on the other pots & random garden items to do a mold check. The roof peak leaks & I had to throw out some standing water that went green. I don't want mold to start growing on the walls or else I might end up with a serious problem later on this year!

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Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Looks good! I can't wait until I can get my greenhouse up and running!