Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Reading - Part 4

Ok - so technically, I received my West Coast Seeds catalogue in the mail AFTER I had already received my order (the wonders of on-line shopping), but I do adore this seed catalogue.

This will be the 3rd year in our 'new' house, so the third summer I will be working with my gardens. Let's hope that 'third try's a charm' because while I've heard about West Coast seeds & their quality & have seen the results in my neighbours' gardens, this is my first year to actually order all new seed from them. I'm very excited & may have gone a bit overboard with my order.... more on that later.

A few things about this catalogue:

Check out the planting calendar they have developed for Coastal BC. All the vegetables (& there is one for herbs too) are shown when they can be started indoors, or direct-seeded in the garden that will allow for better planning of garden space & how to prolong your harvest into the winter & with a bit of luck (& cover) allow for winter gardening. I refer to this calendar a lot.

Another wonderful tool are these 'Growing' boxes that help any novice or rusty gardener to grow pretty much anything. They break it down very simply into: when to plant, requirements (soil, space, fertilizer, diseases) & how to harvest. They also provide other tips to aid in having success in the garden - things such as dealing with bugs: how to attract the beneficial ones & how to deter the harmful pests.

Honestly, this is like an encyclopedia - a Gardener's Bible, if you will. I hold on to my copy & have it near-by all year round. It's inspiration during these last few weeks of gray winter days.

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