Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Reading - Part 3

Am currently trying to wade out from underneath a pile - a mountain! of neglected paperwork & a backlog of emails & blogs & articles... It's so great to leave home for a few weeks in January & forget about 'normal' life for a while, but it's so great to come home & feel the tingle of spring just around the corner.

I hope to submit quite a few blog updates in the next week - mainly as a way to keep myself organized, but also because there are some new & exciting developments coming along to my green thumbs & once again... spring is almost here.

Just before we left on vacation, I put in my seed order (more to come in the next blog or 2). One of the items I requested is a book that will hopefully shed some light & new ideas on how to combat the DEER!!!

I picked this up from West Coast Seeds & have (as of yet) to even crack the cover, knowing that I will dive into this book & not emerge til I'm finished. Right now, I've got a little too much on my plate to loose myself so easily. But I've very excited - it probably has a lot of information that I've already researched for myself or had shared with me by others, but there HAS to be one bright & shiney gem in there that I can use & succeed at.

As of today, I've not seen the fuzzy little buggars for quite a few weeks, but the kale has finally succumbed to the munching & is bare & twisted. I wonder if it will make a recovery later on this spring for some much needed fresh greens in our diet?

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