Thursday, December 23, 2010

Green Things in the Greenhouse

Winter Solstice has come & gone in yet another rain storm. We missed the lunar eclipse due to the cloud cover, but I know there are many out here who are thankful that the precipitation falling is rain & not snow. We've be buried instead of just soggy!

But I managed to get out to the greenhouse to check on my plants & where through a fault of design or just sloppy building, the peak of the roof allows just enough rain to enter that I don't need to worry about watering the plants for the winter.  

My current experiment in the greenhouse is growing peas & beans as a green manure. A very nice gift from Mother Nature for the winter - I can get my 'green thumb therapy' fix any time just by heading out to the greenhouse & admiring the way these plants grow in minimal sunlight & at low temperatures (well, currently it's about 8 degrees out there, so not too cold at all).

 According to my gardening notes, I harvested the last of my tomatoes (more green ones than desired) & pulled out the plants on Halloween & after cleaning up the bed & adding more soil (I emptied the pots from on the deck into here as I like fresh soil in containers every year), I immediately planted the mung bean & left-over 5 year old pea seeds. I'm amazed that this many peas popped up!

 Their growth is much slower than it would be in the spring & I'm actually surprised the beans sprouted, as they are a warm weather plant & I know my beans didn' do so well this year because we received a sudden frost later in the spring that more than likely zapped the bean seedlings. 

The lettuce is still the same as when I made note of it in early November. I'm glad to see it's still there, but like I said in an earlier post, I really should have built a cover for this little section of bed to raise the temperature a bit & encourage some growth. Oh well, I'm just going to wait to see what happens & I know that in February we get some amazing sunshine & days where the temperature warms up enough to encourage early growth.

For now, I'm content to monitor the slow growth & allow the soil to recuperate & prepare for next season's tomatoes.

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Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

We're buried. You are inspiring me to plant some greens indoors for the winter. I could grow lettuce on my south windowsill...