Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Snow Fall of 2010

A few nights ago, the east side of Vancouver Island recieved lots of snow. They typically have more & it hangs around longer than it does here right on the West Coast. Now, I've been following some weather predictions that say we will have a colder & snowier winter this year (than normal or back to normal?) I wasn't really expecting it this soon - even though I heard there was snow on the road heading out of town.

I quickly took a few photos to share with you - kind of laughable because for us gardeners on the West Coast of the Island, snow is, in general, an oddity...

Nice big, fluffy flakes...
Calendula still in bloom.
More calendula covered in snow.
My spanish lavender trying to remain upright.
Astilbe looks rather pretty all dressed up.
My huge Russian kale crop under some snow - wonder if this cold will kill the bugs that are still munching on it...
Poor petunias!
The veggie & herb beds barely getting covered.
Now, I've seen other garden blogs/sites that show what a good & proper snow fall is like - a wonderful insulating blanket for the gardens, full dormancy of plants & a hard freeze that removes most chances of outdoor gardening for the rest of the winter. Sometimes I wish that were the case out here, but this 'snow' - wimpy that it is, will melt in a short while, uncovering the plants & hopefully allowing me more opportunity through the rest of the winter to get outside & work away at some garden projects.

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