Monday, November 8, 2010

Community Gardens

Today I had a few moments to spare while on the other side of the harbour attending a meeting. Thought I would check out how the Community Gardens were faring & preparing for winter. I thought I had written about them this summer, but it appears I did not, so I will include shots from July 1st when I first viewed it, & then from today.

View looking up.
View looking back down.

Fig tree.

Purple cabbage.

Strawberries & peas.
Swiss Chard.
Square Foot Garden.

November 8 - looking up into garden enclosure.
Forgot to add something for visual cue - but either this is a monster radish or a turnip - some sort of vegetable the size of my fist!! (Have just been informed that it is indeed a turnip)
November 8 - collards.
November 8 - geraniums still in bloom.
November 8 - herbs ready for harvest: oregano, thyme & rosemary.
November 8 - lettuce.
November 8 - radish.
November 8 - sorrel.
November 8 - wandering peas.
Square Foot Garden at end of season.
       My own gardens are in too much of a mess for me to take pictures to share - I've just been dumping on the dead plants in the hopes they will compost down & keep the winter weeds down to a dull roar. The marigolds still have flowers on them, but the rain is making the plants rot. I keep hoping for a few more days of warm sunshine to enjoy the few remaining golden blooms. I might be able to trick my calendula into blooming throughout the winter but the marigolds are a bit more difficult to fool.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the Community Gardens will do for next year as they might expand or set up barrels for water collection & conservation. Next year I should swing by the community school to check out their raised beds as they had quite a good harvest this year of squash. Wish I had my camera on the day I visited...

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