Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shocking New View(s) - one Month Later

Well, it's been one month since the front ditch was completely cleared by the Highways Department.

I wrote the following in my comments section of the original "Shocking New View(s)" post:

Ok - so the game plan has been altered already. I'm planting Photinia - a red-tipped ever green shrub that can be trimmed to produce a hedge. The new growth comes out in red & then matures to dark green. Since red is one of my structural colours, this will do very well in the front. I will try to get some forsythia later in the month for some extra hits of colour & am on the hunt for a blood-red rhododendron at the corners.

The escalonia might be reserved for the back hedging as it's got pink flowers & there is too much pink in the front already.

Oh - and trying to jam a cutting 3 feet down is next to impossible - I was lucky to get down a foot & a half having my husband use a piece of re-bar. Lots of rocks along that front edge...

Now I'm on the hunt for sword ferns...

It's a bit tough to see the actual cuttings that are jammed into the ground, but they seem to be doing well. We've had rain & now we are having sunshine again. Am hoping that they will take so that in the spring I can feed them & get their first year going proper.

I've found a source for my sword ferns - just need to boat over & help dig them up. Am crossing my fingers that the weather will remain relatively nice for the next week or 2.

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