Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

I cannot post these pictures without expressing my absolute joy, excitement & anticipation of good tasting things to come.

I honestly do not check in on my tomatoes in the greenhouse on a daily basis - other things need to be taken care of in the yard & then work gets in the way. But I am consistent in watering every 2 or 3 days.

Yesterday I wandered in to check on the recovery of the basil after harvesting them heavily a short while ago & to check on some new azalea cuttings & my rosemary seedlings. The first thing I saw was a hit of red dangling off the monster tomato plants!

Finally they are starting to turn colour!! This particular one was the first fruit set back in June - it has been my 'white whale' in this whole challenge of being able to eat a homegrown tomato.

As you can see, it no longer fits into the palm of my hand! These are a paste variety - not a roma, but something else. The seed package didn't actually give me the name, but I'm sure I'll find it somewhere.

Now the only other surprise waiting for me in the greenhouse was a case of mold. I don't think it's blight - at least I hope not!! But the tomatoes were planted a little too close to the side of the greenhouse & for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to also plant borage along that back side of the bed - maybe in the hopes of luring in the pollinators to aid in pollinating the tomatoes.

Whatever the case, I've been monitoring all this abundant, lush, out-of-control growth for a few weeks now as I can see moisture along the sides of the greenhouse & I'm aware of the persnickety ways of tomatoes. The tomatoes were leaning against the borage & the side of the greenhouse & the excess moisture had caused a few leaves (clusters of small 'maters) to become wet & start to mold.

I cut back everything that looked wet & horrible & then cut back some more. I've also had to tie up a bunch of stalks as the cages I'm using are about 2 feet too small & with the size & weight of those monster fruit, the whole plant was being pulled down!

Next year, don't plant individual plants too close together or too close to the side of the greenhouse, use larger cages & stake the cages (a new thing I picked up on just last week while perusing someone else's garden blog) so that the plants don't pull the cages down.


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