Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Audacity!

Oh what a lovely day this is turning out to be... I'm in super-freak-out-helter-skelter-grind-my-teeth mode.

I came home with the intent to water some beds & do a bit more clean-up, etc... So I moved the front yard hose around, turned it on low & then walked up to the veggie patch to move that hose & I looked....and looked... There was something in my raspberry patch!! A FREAKING BUCK!!! Munching on my berries!!!!


I wished for 0.5 seconds I had a camera & then marched my butt over there, saying quite firmly 'What do you think you're doing!' & clapped my hands. The dang thing just looked at me & when he saw I was going to Kung Foo kick it, he ran down the back side of the house with me hot on his fuzzy big butt, clapping my hands & hollering (I don't recall what...). I think the doe was in the shrubs/brambles down by the shelter & they jumped into the brambles heading towards my neighbour's back 40.

So...not only are the berries doing poorly because of lack of berry feed, but now they are being systematically grazed upon by the deer!!! Freaking me out!! The bloody peas are 6 feet tall, loaded with flowers & peas & are being completely ignored - can't figure that one out.

I had to decide which berry patch to 'protect' & which to 'sacrifice' as I only have 20 feet of green mesh. So, those up by the veggie patch will just have to survive somehow this year as I'm determined to salvage what's left of my blueberries - which he had also munched on earlier this a.m. while I was away at work. Freaking deer...

The fencing isn't pretty - goes around my blueberries & only around the front of the raspberry patch at the front corner of the property & took me a while to find stakes to pound into the ground. But it's in & I'm still freaking out!!
~ ugly & wimpy berry protection from berry munching deer ~

I'm able to laugh at my reaction to seeing the deer & how I chased it off the property - am wondering why my stinky deer spray isn't working - might have to re-read the instructions to see if it's a taste thing or a scent thing, although with how gross it smells, I think that would be enough to keep them away... Maybe the watering with the sprinkler just washes it all away...

Well, deep breath - I've done what I can for the moment, picked what few remaining ripe berries are left & will bravely continue on with other projects.

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Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

I'd have squirted him with the hose.

I get deer under the oaks. We have a lot of huge acorns every fall. The deer and squirrels are welcome to them, especially if it keeps them away from the veggies!