Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soggy Spring Report

Cannot believe it's almost the middle of June! I keep waiting for proper spring weather to come our way, but it doesn't look like we are going to get much of it. I keep hearing reports that our summer is going to be hot & dry - but I'm not holding my breath.

I managed to get my veggie beds seeded in decent time this year, but with all the rain & cool weather we've had, I don't think much will happen. The radishes are not producing much other than flowers, the carrots refused to come up, the beets are almost a write off & something is eating all my bean seedlings - even though I spread them out to 3 different beds. The peas have yet to flower but at least the deer haven't mowed them down.
 ~ unhappy beans ~

~ bolting radish ~

But I do have a 'happy place' in all of this - my greenhouse! While it may be a bit crowded in there at the moment, I'm very excited to see that this particular project is going along very well. 
My 4 tomato plants have decided to go wild ever since I gave them a hit of epsom salt & on most days I will open the door for a few hours to allow bugs - bees for the most part - to enter & help with pollinating the flowers. The lettuce really needs to be harvested more often than I do - I've given away so much fresh greens this spring & it looks like I need to make another large salad again tonight. The dill & borage along the left side are pretty much hidden by the tomatoes & the calendula along the right edge will become visible once I harvest more lettuce. 

I have basil in pots & yesterday I hung a piece of black landscape fabric in front of them as it looked like the leaves were being burnt a little by the sun (when we do get it, that is). Last year I had the basil sheltered with the fabric & they seemed to enjoy it, so we shall see how they do again this year.
This is my first tomato!!

I have 2 yellow zuchinni plants: one in a pot in the greenhouse & one out in the veggie bed. This one - the outdoor one has miraculously been missed by the slugs who ate all the marigolds I had planted around it. Last year I let the zukers grow too large on the plant & will harvest them while they are still only about 6 to 8 inches big - we'll see if there is a difference in texture/flavour.

Currently my flowers are going through their purple phase & these bearded iris are the highlights of my colour purple. Wish I could remember their name... I've also got purple lupins, chives, lavendar, thyme & blue flag iris (which looks purple). 

Well, the sun is actually shining, so I must run out & talk with my plants to see what's going on...

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Heather said...

It's always exciting to see some progress in the garden.