Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adventures in Wine

Yet another cool, damp May day & I'm finding other things to do instead of the yardening projects waiting warmer weather.

Today was for finishing up my peach wine project. Last summer I had purchased a large quantity of very bruised peaches with the intention of making the 'best wine ever!' It started out great but when it was ready for bottling later in the fall, I found it was very close to being a disaster.

I had left the skins on the peaches when they went into the fermenter. I guess that was the mistake, because after the wonderful aroma of peaches filling your nose, the smooth, velvet sweetness that tickled the tongue came this horrible bitter aftertaste that made me want to throw it all out!

So, I kept siphoning the wine into clean carboys over the winter in the hopes that as the wine settled, that bitter taste would somehow magically disappear. Each time I siphoned, I would loose a bit of wine - due to the sludge in the bottom of the carboy, so there came a time when I had to go from the 5 gallon carboy to the 3 gallon carboy & I was left with about 2 litres extra. I put that into a pop bottle & shoved it under the skin next to the dishwasher.

This spring I remembered it was there & decided to test it. Wow!! Like golden honey on my tongue!! The bitter taste had disappeared! So, I quickly found some empty pop bottles & siphoned the rest of the wine into them & put them under the sink.

Today I thought I would check on my little wine salvaging experiment & it has worked! So I managed to bottle up 11 wine bottles with this heavenly nectar & have learned my lesson: remove the skins!! That is, if I ever decide to try this flavour again...

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